Profile: John the Roaster

Digital Makers @ 2019-08-23 09:58:32 +1000

We often get asked about our Roasters’ backgrounds, how they got into the business and exactly how many cups a day they have. So, here’s a short five minute catch up we had with John, one of the expert Merlo Roasters.

Years of experience in the industry?
I started roasting in 2001.

Where have you worked?
I first worked at one of the longest trading coffee roasters in England – J Atkinson & Co. and here at Merlo.

What do you enjoy about roasting?
I enjoy the artisan nature roasting, of taking a product from its raw un-usable state, to where a customer can appreciate all its roasted flavours and aromas.

Favourite roast?
Too many choices to pick an absolute favourite.

Favourite way to make / extract coffee?
Ask an expert like Frith or Simon or any of our highly trained crew. If doing it myself, probably plunger, as it is simple enough even for me to get a good brew and it produces an honest favour from the bean.

Where do you see the industry heading in the next few years?
I think RFA and Fairtrade coffees will continue to gain popularity and customers will be more willing to try various origins and brewing methods.

How did you get started in the industry?
I was told that the owner of ‘Atkinson’s’, which is a tea & coffee merchant (i.e. no wet sales), was looking for someone to run his shop and it progressed from there. I started my training on a 7kg, 60 year old, fully manual roaster which is positioned in the shop window.

Any formal qualifications?
No – now there’s a business opportunity guys!


John with bags of coffee