Kenya Single Origin Coffee

Complex and vibrant, this Kenyan Single Origin Coffee has excellent body.

It features red wine richness, clean tropical fruit sweetness, delicate floral aroma, and a warm, lingering aftertaste.


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Kenya Single Origin Coffee: Rich, Fruity & Irresistible

Fruity, full-bodied, with milk chocolate notes. Our Kenyan Single Origin coffee is delicious and satisfying for even the most seasoned coffee connoisseurs.

Knowing how much effort goes into producing these exceptional coffee beans means we genuinely appreciate every sip. So what makes this African coffee from Kenya so good?

The arabica plants are grown in near-perfect conditions – high altitude (up to 2000 meters above sea level), volcanic soil and warm temperatures.

Then, there’s the care and expertise of the farmers during the harvesting and production of the Kenyan coffee beans.

The result is a vibrant flavour profile with the acidity of blackcurrant and the sweetness of raisins, complemented by milk chocolate. It’s a delicious treat with a warm, lingering aftertaste that is highly valued.

Rich history and success of Kenyan African coffee

Although Kenya is a neighbour of Ethiopia, the original home of coffee, it wasn’t until 1893 that French missionaries introduced coffee plants to Kenya. The British then colonised Kenya in 1895 and took control of all plantations, effectively banning Kenyan farmers from growing their own coffee plants.

The situation changed in 1963 when Kenya became an independent nation. The Kenyan government allocated smaller lots to local farmers. It provided them with financial and marketing support to grow quality coffee plants and sell their single origin coffee at a fair price.

And it paid off. Coffee production grew quickly. Kenya became one of the leading coffee producers by the 1980s and is now Africa’s third-largest coffee producer. Millions of Kenyans earn a living from the coffee industry, exporting most of their coffee production globally.

Besides the environmental conditions, the processing of the coffee beans is crucial to the quality and flavour. Farmers use the wet (washed) method. Then, each bean is carefully graded and sorted to ensure only the best are exported. The wet method typically creates a clean, crisp and acidic coffee.

Kenyan single origin coffee has earned a well-deserved reputation for exceptional quality and flavour.

Kenya Coffee: Indulgent flavours and aromas in every cup

Kenyan African coffee is full-bodied and rich. Complex and vibrant, the fruity, sweet aroma complements the delicious flavours of raisins, blackcurrant and milk chocolate.

Use our Kenyan coffee beans with a plunger, drip, stovetop and espresso machine. Whichever one you choose, it’s a treat that everyone can enjoy each day.

Kenya Single Origin Tasting Profile

FLAVOUR | Raisins, Blackcurrant, Milk Chocolate

AROMA | Fruit & Sweet

FINISH | Lingering

ACIDITY | Bright

BODY | Full.

Whether you drink alone or share, this is single origin coffee at its finest and never disappoints.


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