Espresso Blend

Big, bold, and bursting with rich chocolate flavour, our Espresso Blend is a full bodied coffee in the finest Italian tradition.

This all-Arabica blend is built on a high quality, Colombian coffee base with rich cocoa flavours. It is by far our best selling blend, a real crowd pleaser.


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Espresso Blend – Big, bold and a real crowd pleaser

A full-bodied, traditional Italian style coffee, Espresso is by far our most popular blend.

Cocoa and dark chocolate flavours finish with hazelnut and malt, making this a great all-rounder that is delightfully smooth when served black, strong and rich when paired with milk. Boasting a loyal following, Espresso is a reliable crowd pleaser.

And it’s not hard to see why this traditional, full-bodied coffee is our most popular espresso coffee bean blend. Australians are known for their discerning taste in coffee, and the popularity of our signature house blend speaks for itself.

The carefully curated selection of 100% Arabica coffee beans ensures you get the finest coffee every time. With a loyal following, including with our wholesale customers throughout Australia, our Espresso blend is the coffee people keep coming back for.

Discover the history behind your Espresso coffee

Roasted daily in our Brisbane warehouse, our Espresso blend is a medium-dark roast coffee, created from carefully sourced coffee beans from around the world. Each bean is cupped on arrival to our roastery and put through stringent Q-grading, to ensure the flavour and quality is consistent, something that Merlo is known for.

It starts with a Colombian coffee base with rich cocoa flavours. Then we add Papua New Guinea coffees, known for their soft milk chocolate sweetness. Followed by full-bodied Brazilian beans and light spice flavour notes from Costa Rica.

Our Espresso coffee is the epitome of selected beans from around the world. We’ve chosen the best coffee beans for espresso based on the varietal of coffee trees, the altitude of the crops and the dedication of our partner producers.

We finish off with a dash of silky-smooth beans from Nicaragua. It’s big in flavour, and boldly beautiful to drink.

Ideas for brewing Espresso coffee at home

If you want to create café-quality coffees on your home espresso machine, you want the best coffee beans Australia has to offer.

Arabica beans make the perfect espresso ground coffee. It’s a chocolate hit that’s deliciously smooth and warm to drink as a traditional Italian stovetop while packing enough punch for those who prefer a cappuccino or latte.

Start your day with a traditional espresso coffee, or you can serve this delicious Arabica coffee as a punchy espresso martini later in the day. Whichever way you want it, Espresso Blend is easy to work with, and even easier to drink.

Understanding how we master the espresso bean flavours

Roasted daily in our Brisbane warehouse, this blend of espresso beans captures the best of each origin coffee. Coffee harvests change from year to year, so we work hard on adapting our blend components to craft the flavour our coffee drinkers know and love.

Our stringent Q-Grader testing process evaluates the bean quality and flavour profiles. Consistency is key when it comes to perfection.

Flavour: Cocoa, Molasses and Hazelnut
Aroma: Dark Chocolate
Finish: Malt
Acidity: Fresh
Body: Full

Our Espresso Blend is a beloved and widely enjoyed coffee option that embodies the rich and robust flavours of traditional Italian-style coffee.

Its full-bodied profile features a delightful fusion of cocoa, dark chocolate, hazelnut, and malt notes, creating a smooth and satisfying experience, when consumed black or a bold and indulgent taste when mixed with milk.

Crafted with utmost care, this crowd-pleasing blend incorporates beans from Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

Whether relishing a classic espresso or crafting specialty beverages like cappuccinos and lattes, the Espresso Blend offers versatility and excellence, making it a top-tier choice for coffee enthusiasts.



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