Mocca Matari Limited Edition Coffee 500g

With a cupping score of 89/100 this is one seductively rare, single origin coffee.

It comes from the coffee haven of Bani Matar in Yemen, known for its exquisite beans, this region delivers a truly exotic, tantalising brew. Indulge in the sweetness of blueberries, red wine & the vibrancy of blood orange.


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Mocca Matari Limited Edition Coffee - 500g

Let us introduce you to a seductively rare, single origin coffee: Mocca Matari.

Hailing from the historic coffee haven of Bani Matar in Yemen, renowned for its exquisite beans, this region delivers a truly exotic, tantalising brew. Indulge in the sweet embrace of blueberries, red wine, and the vibrant zest of blood orange.


Country: Yemen
Region: Bani Matar
Producer: Al-Hamdani farms and local growers
Varietals: Tuffahi
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,800m – 2,500m above sea level.

Much like Ethiopia, Yemen boasts a longstanding relationship with coffee, with terrain and varietals strikingly similar. The steep, arid mountainous landscapes of Bani Matar serve as a breathtaking backdrop to the wild, almost untamed coffee farms. Here, coffee flourishs naturally with minimal cultivation.

Each bean is meticulously harvested at peak ripeness, ensuring that only the finest natural Yemen Mocha coffee makes it to your cup. Bani Matar remains celebrated among Yemenis for producing the most fragrant and complex coffees, taking you on a journey back to the very origins of coffee.


This coffee delivers a symphony of flavours - blueberry, red wine, and the vibrant zest of blood orange. It provides a velvety, creamy texture and is exceptionally well-balanced, with flavours harmoniously intertwining. The finale unveils hints of dark chocolate and lime, leaving a refreshing and invigorating sensation.

Scored at 89/100, this coffee stands as a testament to its quality and distinction.

Flavours: blueberry, red wine, blood orange
Balance: extremely well balanced
green apple
Body: velvety, creamy
Aroma: banana and cherry
Aftertaste: dark chocolate and lime, fresh and crisp.
Cupping Score: 89/100.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the dedicated farmers and producers whose tireless efforts have culminated in this exceptional brew. Embark on a sensory journey with Mocca Matari, where history, tradition and flavour converge to offer a truly exotic and tantalising coffee experience.


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