Brazil Single Origin Coffee

Our Brazil single origin coffee is easy to drink, balanced and pleasant, making is a great introduction for those interested in trying a single origin coffee.

From the first sip, you will smell the aromas of earthy sweetness and taste the flavour notes of chocolate and nuts.


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Brazil Single Origin: Sweet, Earthy & Indulgent

If you’ve never experienced the rich and distinctive flavours of single origin coffee, our Brazil Single Origin is the perfect place to start.

Brazil has produced more coffee than any other country worldwide for over 150 years, accounting for around 30 per cent of the global coffee supply. Brazilian coffee beans have become a favourite due to farmers increasing their investment to produce high-quality beans for a specialty coffee.

Brazil single origin coffee beans showcase the essence of the country’s coffee culture. With a sweet and earthy aroma, indulging in the flavours of hazelnuts, papaya and chocolate in every cup is a delight.

Don’t be shy - buy Brazil Single Origin coffee for a balanced, sweet, earthy drink that tastes delicious.

Brazil coffee beans: Ensuring quality from bean to cup

While there’s a legend about how coffee was first introduced to Brazil in the 1700s, what we do know is the impact that the country’s coffee production has had on the world.

The coffee regions of Brazil are found along the country’s southeast region, typically enjoying moderate sunlight and rain. However, with Brazil’s plantations situated at lower altitudes than most other coffee-producing countries, they are also at the mercy of diverse and unpredictable weather conditions.

If extreme weather decimates the coffee plantations, the global coffee industry is directly impacted, with the supply of Brazilian coffee beans significantly reduced for a few years.

Due to the scarcity of rain over the years, farmers have adapted to using the natural method of production. Instead of relying on machinery, the natural process leaves the coffee cherry intact to dry in the sun, allowing the beans to draw in all the flavours of the fruit layers. This hands-on approach ensures that all Brazil coffee beans are consistently high-quality before they end up in our cups.

The distinct flavours of Brazilian single origin coffee beans

Pioneers in producing select varietals such as Catura (Bourbon dwarf varietal) and Mundo Novo (Catuai parent plant), the coffee we now see from Brazil is full of flavour and competitive with other specialty coffees.

From the first sip, you’ll delight in the aromas of earthy sweetness and taste the flavour notes of chocolate and nuts.

Medium-bodied with a fresh acidity, the single origin coffee beans are balanced with a sweet, lingering aftertaste and the perfect way to start your day.

Brazil Single Origin Flavour Profile

FLAVOUR | Hazelnut, Papaya & Cocoa

AROMA | Sweet & Earthy

FINISH | Lingering


BODY | Medium

By choosing to buy Brazil Single Origin coffee from Merlo, you’re treating yourself to the best specialty South American coffee beans available.


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