Private Blend

The original Merlo blend. Smooth and nutty, with a velvety texture that balances beautifully with milk.


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Our Private Blend- a classic that never goes out of style

Private is Merlo’s original blend, a classic that never goes out of style. Sweet and decadent flavour notes of caramel, milk chocolate and hazelnuts permeate through lattes and cappuccinos, whilst the clean, sweet aftertaste and velvety texture are ideal for French press coffee.

Exclusive, indulgent and lusciously smooth, Private is a coffee that continuously rewards.

Well-balanced and full flavoured, it has a satisfying clean, sweet aftertaste that consistently delivers.

Private is sourced from three continents, so it’s not only indulgent but a true delight for your senses. We showcase this signature coffee blend exclusively in our Bar Merlo cafes. It’s reserved for lovers of exceptional Australian coffee brands who deserve the finer things in life.

Private could quickly become your favourite coffee.

The origins behind our Private blend

For our Private blend we’ve chosen various single origin coffee flavours that blend beautifully to tease the tastebuds with milk chocolate, caramel and hazelnut notes.

Costa Rica is known for its superior coffee beans. Its tropical climate makes it the perfect environment to grow coffee trees.

Colombia has the distinction of producing more coffee than any other country. We source some of the finest beans from plantations grown here on rich soil and at the highest altitudes.

Nicaragua’s coffee production continues to grow in quality due to favourable microclimates. And the high altitudes ensure a rich variety of beans to choose from.

Papua New Guinea has a vast, mountainous landscape with varying altitudes for its many plantations. The result is a mixture of sweet, fruity and floral aromas and flavours.

The Private Blend has the best coffee beans Australia has harvested from some of the most abundant Arabica coffee growing countries.

The perfect pour - sweet, decadent and indulgent

The velvety texture makes Private our best plunger coffee, as it has a great depth of flavour. The full bodied finely ground coffee is great for use in a pourover or home espresso machine.

The classic chocolate and hazelnut notes come through beautifully in lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos.

These locally roasted Australian coffee beans are the perfect accompaniment to chocolate cake, cinnamon scrolls or your favourite chocolate sweets.

We’ve mastered the art of coffee bean roasting, so you can easily indulge your love of brewed coffee at home, and our Private blend is versatile, and delicious for both black and milk-based coffees.

Uncovering the unique flavours and aromas of Private

We follow a strict roasting profile to ensure your coffee is always fresh. That’s why we roast daily, so the Arabica coffee beans maintain a rich, balanced flavour specific to each blend.

Private blend coffee is a firm favourite, and our roasters work hard to make sure the flavour is always consistent. After all, our customers expect nothing less from us, especially when it’s Merlo’s signature coffee.

FLAVOUR | Chocolate & Hazelnut

AROMA | Nutty & Sweet

FINISH | Lingering


BODY | Full

Private is an enduring and classic coffee blend that stands the test of time. Crafted from the finest coffee beans sourced from Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Papua New Guinea, it offers a harmonious and indulgent flavour profile.

Whether savoured black or with milk, Private delights the palate with its clean and sweet aftertaste and luxuriously smooth texture.

This beloved blend is a preferred choice for discerning coffee enthusiasts who crave an exclusive and gratifying coffee experience.



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