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Rwanda Nyakarenzo

PLEASE NOTE: ROASTED TO ORDER. Spice and floral aroma, black cherry and peach flavours in honey-like body with a chocolate finish.



A collaborative effort from over a thousand smallholder farmers – three quarters of whom are women – this coffee from the Western Province of Rwanda is bright, complex and aromatic, with a fine sweetness running through the cup. Each producer delivers their daily harvest down the steep hillside each day to the washing station, where the cherries are meticulously checked and graded before being accepted. The community have worked with local exporters to bring their processing methods up to specialty grade. During the harvest, the mill employs over 150 people preparing the coffee for sale. Tucked in behind the Cyamudongo highland forest, Nyakarenzo mill is a true community hub. This year has been their highest standard of coffee achieved so far, with complex floral and spice aromatics, sweet black cherry and peach flavours and a syrupy honey body finishing in a smooth dark chocolate aftertaste. We are very pleased to offer this to you, and look forward to seeing what this community produces in the future.

Tasting Notes


Black cherry




Dark chocolate


Fresh lime