Nicaragua Single Origin Coffee

Well-balanced and delicious, our Nicaraguan coffee beans have a wonderful floral fragrance and a soft sweetness.

Nicaragua coffee plants are primarily shade-grown at high altitudes, and are known for their sweet, medium-bodied flavour profile.


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Nicaragua Single Origin Coffee: Fruity and Sweet

Well-balanced and delicious, our Nicaraguan coffee beans have a wonderful floral fragrance and a soft sweetness.

Nicaragua coffee plants are primarily shade-grown at high altitudes. Known for their sweet, medium-bodied flavour profile, the beans have a balance of fruit and chocolate notes in the taste, with floral and fruit dominating the aroma.

Sipping Nicaraguan coffee is a rich sensory experience, allowing the delightful natural flavours of the high-quality beans to shine through. The natural sweetness, fruitiness, and well-rounded body set this single origin coffee apart.

Nicaragua’s coffee industry: A history of resilience and quality

Now the 12th largest producer in the world, Nicaragua started making its mark in the coffee industry in the mid-1800s. Impacted by political and social unrest, falling coffee prices, and extreme weather events in the second half of the 1900s, the country has consistently produced high-quality coffee beans.

Nicaragua coffee comprises 85% Arabica and 15% Robusta varieties, primarily grown in rich, volcanic soil across five regions at high altitudes - The perfect conditions for producing environmentally friendly, exceptional coffee beans.

Producers have recently started testing natural processing methods, but the washed method is still the most popular. Removing the outer layers of the cherry down to the parchment before drying creates a clean, crisp, mildly acidic coffee.

It’s a testament to the small farmers that their coffee production has survived many challenges and yet continues to improve in quality.

Nicaraguan roasted coffee:  A symphony of aroma and taste

Nicaraguan coffee beans are known for their sweetness. Medium-bodied, the single origin coffee beans are characterised by a balance of fruit and dark chocolate flavours with floral and fruit aromas. 

Are you looking for your next exceptional roasted coffee experience? Then these coffee beans are for you. Nicaragua coffee is for all discerning coffee lovers who enjoy a specialty drink that’s sweet yet balanced, medium-bodied, and with multidimensional flavours. The tasting notes of ripe fruit, dark chocolate, and delicate florals create a symphony of natural complexity in aroma and taste. If you appreciate exploring the nuances of roasted coffee beans, you can’t go past Merlo’s Nicaragua Single Origin coffee.

Nicaragua Tasting Profile

FLAVOUR | Nectarine, Green Grape & Dark Chocolate

AROMA | Floral & Fruit

FINISH | Lingering


BODY | Medium

Try it today to understand why coffee enthusiasts rank it so highly among specialty brews. This is a coffee experience not to be missed.


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